In-House marketing training

Let us train your team to implement your marketing strategy in-house.

Our training is suitable for large marketing teams and small business owners a like.

Our training is based on marketing used at companies like Paypal, AirBnB, Lyf, Techstars and based on training trusted by Microsoft, WeWork, grammarly, UNICEF, Stitchfix, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Uber, HarperCollins, Keap, Maropost and Shopify.

In-house marketing training

In-House Marketing Training And Installing A Marketing Operating System

We can provide a range of different marketing training tailored to your specific business needs.

We will provide your team or person responsible for marketing with the most up to date marketing used by some of the most successful and innovative companies in their industries. These are the very same strategies and techniques we use for our clients.

As well as the the training we will provide you with a marketing operating system with detailed customised marketing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). These are detailed step by step instructions on how to do the different marketing strategies and tasks. As well as using these in-house you can use these SOPs to train virtual assistants (VAs) to do some of these tasks for you.

Examples of training we can offer include:

Marketing Strategy including competitor research.


Paid Traffic which can include all or some of the following areas: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Lead Generation.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Content Marketing.

Social Media Marketing.

Email Marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).


The Process

1) We will work with you to build a marketing strategy.

2) We will then build out an implementation plan.

3) Then we will train your team to implement the marketing plan (if you prefer we can do some or all of the implementation for you as well).

Please contact us to discuss your goals and see how we can install a marketing operating system into your business.

Case Studies

These are just some results we have achieved for our clients

  • Increased leads by 316% and reduced cost per lead by 302%

  • Increased a page conversion rate by 165%

  • Generated leads at 700% less than clients expected cost

  • Increase impression share by 72%

Read these case studies and many more at the link below

Marketing Qualifications And Accreditations

Marketing Strategy Accreditations and qualifications



David K
"Quentin is a seasoned digital marketer who specifically helped us in the development of a B2B consulting project. 

He has given us some excellent directions to move in the testing and development of our new program that none of us had even thought of before. 

His help has proven very insightful." David K.

Jonathan S

"Quentin led us through his time-tested step-by-step framework for growing our business. 

It was eye-opening as he uncovered basic planning and implementation steps missing in our business plan. 

Quentin's expertise can help any business develop and implement a concrete action plan for predictable growth quarter after quarter. 

It would be a pleasure to have his help on future projects." Jonathan S.

David K

"Quentin is a really straight talking, smart marketer with extensive experience in many different Ad Networks. 

 He is a great choice if you need to discuss your options at length, brainstorm, and decide on the best strategic direction. 

 He always has time for these important discussions and has a deep understanding of the optics needed for success." Neil P.


Shari M

"I recommend Quentin for his solid strategy for executing growth in set stages-so you are doing the right thing at the right time. 

His understanding of the strategy behind the framework is in-depth and will save you so much time and money as you scale.

Quentin will make sure all the elements of success (strategy, copywriting, offer and retargeting) are in place for the best growth on the platform you want." Shari M.

Zoltan K.

"Quentin’s AdSkills and Digital Marketer Partner Certifications are well deserved. 

He understands not only the media buying side of things but as well as the business growth, strategy and system part too. 

I have recently completed one of his training called the “30 Day Business Growth Blueprint” in which he outlines the core steps of creating a predictable & scalable customer acquisition system for your business. 

In addition to the great tips & strategies he gives away his worksheets so you can track and measure your progress along the way. Quentin stresses the idea of: “You got to commit” - I can’t agree more with him. 

After completing his course I walked away with a clear and simple action plan on how to grow my freelance business. 

Thanks Quentin!" Zoltan K.


Sébastien S

"Quentin is really good and helped us to focus on a clear sales management system. 

His method organises our marketing plan and can be suited for any type of company. 

He knows his stuff and I recommend him." Sébastien S.




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